Welcome to my blog!

Daily I deal with the stress of parenting special needs boys, the duties of being a wife of a convict and the realities of living paycheck to paycheck.

A bad divorce left me devastated, single and having to restart my life. It was during this time that I met my present husband who is incarcerated.

After my divorce makeup became for me a confidence booster and I started wearing it daily. I noticed something funny besides making me look better my makeup routine relaxed me, I was less stressed and happier because of it.It gave me a excuse to have an hour of me time daily. Not only was I applying make up I had begun listening to motivational podcast during this time. My mornings had started to become therapeutic.

Once I started regaining my confidence I turned my focus to other areas of my appearance having slacked off quite a bit due to the comfort of marriage. Newly single I was suddenly self-conscious– aware that I no longer took pride in my appearance. Determined to change I shed 20 pounds (20 more to go) and began a simple exercise routine.

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