The Apps

Numerous time and money can be wasted trying to discover what apps work best for you. Since becoming a Solopreneur I have had to evaluate a few services to help me run my business (I love saying that!!).

Not only I need to understand the way in which I work, I had to make time to set up and test different services. Once  my choices were made I needed to spend time learning my chosen apps.


After deciding what task I needed performed, I proceeded to take a look at what ecosystem I wanted to be vested in. The big three are Apple/iOS, Google/Android, Microsoft/cross platform.


I decided that I didn’t want to vest myself in any of the big three, instead I went the Zoho route. I tend to prefer the kitchen sink approach in contrast to the eclectic one.


I like that Zoho workplace is similar to Google apps without actually being Google apps. As you will observe I have a love/hate relationship with Google. The other great thing about Zoho is that in addition to the workspace they offer Zoho one. or you can add additional apps a la carte if need be.


Even though I prefer the all in one apps. I do use a few apps outside my chosen ecosystem.


For online storage I use pCloud.That music player though!! If by chance you don’t know pCloud has an embedded music player. I love it, I love it.


If you Kanban and who doesn’t these days? Forget Trello and try Ora you will love it!!


To keep up with my multiple passwords I use Bitwarden. I have a family account which allows me to share the account between myself and my teens.


For my list fix multiple list I use Toodledo, I have for years now. The interface is outdated but what a powerful organizer.


As a Solopreneur there are certain business apps I could use, but Ihave found on that does all that I need Plutio. I use Notion for a place to braindump and it is quite handy for researching. I do like Notion but I feel like it tries too do too much, and not in a good way., I feel very disorganized while using it.


When it comes to photos I am quite paranoid ever scared of losing over a decade of memories stored in digital format. So along with pCloud I use Amazon Drive as part of my backup routine.


The unlimited storage for photos plus the fact that I can order photos to be sent to Hubs is a no-brainer for me. I am pretty sure Amazon uses Snapfish to develop their photos. Their interfaces are too eerily similar to be a coincidence.


Most of the apps I use, tend to work on the freemuim model. I like the entry price (free) and the option to upgrade to access more features if need be. It fits into my frugal lifestyle perfectly.


Over the years I have learned a few things. Simplicity is key. The KISS philosophy works best. I use to follow trends, now I do my thing using what works for me. I do not need many bells and whistles for the things that I use. That is where the freemuim model shines.


I have upgraded a few of my apps. Notion, Bitwarden, Zoho and Plutio. I hate monthly subscriptions but these are the times in which we live. I try to buy lifetime deals whenever possible. I visit Stack Social and Appsumo bimonthly to see what promotions are being ran.


Oh if you need to manage all those subscriptions you should be using Track My Subs.

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